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Rules and Regulations


icon tick-b2  1 30th September 2013 is the Closing Date for receipt of completed Entry Forms and all fees and attachments.  Incomplete Entry Forms will be returned.  Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Kenmare Choral Festival and are not guaranteed.
icon tick-b2 2 A separate Entry Form is required for each competition and must be accompanied with all required fees and documentation.
icon tick-b2  After acceptance of an Entry Form by the Festival, a choir withdrawing from a competition is not entitled to a refund of its entry fee.
icon tick-b2  The Choir must send a recent photograph of the Choir (in digital format, high resolution version) by email to:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
icon tick-b2  All members of a choir, except the conductor, must be amateurs.
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No person may compete as a member of more than one choir in the same competition unless otherwise agreed with the Festival Committee beforehand

icon tick-b2  The total duration of the two pieces performed by a choir in a competition is not to exceed ten minutes.  Adjudicators will penalise choirs whose programme exceeds the prescribed limit.
icon tick-b2  The same piece of music cannot be sung by a choir in more than one competition.
icon tick-b2  A choir may not change its repertoire or the order in which it is to be sung after its Entry Form has been accepted by the Festival.
icon tick-b2  10 Repertoire requirements are described under each Competition heading.
icon tick-b2  11 Only original music will be accepted with the Entry Forms – photocopies are not permitted.  The Festival Committee and/or Adjudicators may refuse photocopied items where competitors cannot produce proof of permission to copy.  The Festival Committee accepts no responsibility for any action taken by a publisher against choirs who perform music that has been illegally reproduced.
icon tick-b2  12  Each piece of music submitted should clearly state the choir’s name, the title of the music, the name of the composer and the order in which the songs will be performed.
icon tick-b2  13  Original Scores and Adjudication Sheets should be collected by all choirs at the end of their respective competition from the Adjudication Stewards.  These items will only be posted to choirs if a large, stamped, self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage for the packet weight is provided to the Festival Committee.
icon tick-b2 14  Choirs are encouraged to provide their own accompaniment but may avail themselves of the services of the Festival’s official accompanist.  Kindly advise in advance if such services will be required and submit one extra copy of sheet music marked “Official Accompanist Copy”.  The accompanist fee is to be paid directly to the accompanist on the day of competition.
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An accompaniment will only be allowed where the piece being performed requires it.  Rehearsal piano only part is not acceptable.

icon tick-b2 16 Choirs will be judged according to the following criteria:  Musicianship, Technique, Programme, Choice and Presentation.
icon tick-b2 17 It is a condition of participation that a choir agrees that any photograph, recording or broadcast of its participation in the Festival will be the property of the Festival to use, rebroadcast, publish, distribute or reproduce in future promotional material or otherwise, without payment to the choir.  By submission of their Entry Form, a choir and its members waive all performance fee rights and the right to any mechanical copyright fees if the choir is recorded and that material is subsequently used on a promotional or commercial CD or DVD, the internet or other medium.  It is the duty of all choirs with members under 18 years of age to ensure that informed consent is sought from young people and their parent/carers in compliance with the Festival’s Child Protection Policy.
icon tick-b2 18 The Festival Committee reserves the right to:  limit the number of entries for each competition; cancel a competition if it feels that there is an insufficient number of entries; refuse entries; advise a choir to enter an alternative competition; split a competition; alter the timetable according to the number of entries for a competition; and add to or alter these rules as it deems advisable.
icon tick-b2 19 If there is only one entry for a competition, that choir may be awarded first or second prize at the discretion of the Adjudicators, assuming an adequate standard is reached.
icon tick-b2 20 Adjudicators’ decisions in all competition matters are final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding any aspect of their deliberations.
icon tick-b2 21 Choirs may watch performances in their own competition.  However, attendance at any other competition will be by ticket only.  Admission fees must be paid by all guests of the choir.  Note, however, that an optional Pre-Paid Registration Fee of €15 for each person (choir member/travelling guest/conductor, etc.) will allow free access to Festival events including:  entry to all competitions, entry to Gathering Concert (normally €20) and other Concerts; as well as a copy of our Festival Programme.
icon tick-b2 22 Winners in each competition will receive a perpetual trophy.  All perpetual trophies must be returned to the Secretary of the Festival by the closing date for next year’s Festival.
icon tick-b2 23 The Festival Committee reserves the right to change the order of advertised events at its discretion.
icon tick-b2 24 All expenses and travel arrangements to the Festival are the sole responsibility of the choir.
icon tick-b2 25 The Festival Committee accepts no legal or financial responsibility whatsoever in respect of any individual chorister or choir’s participation in the Festival and their/its associated activities.
icon tick-b2 26 The Festival Committee (and its printers and designers working on behalf of the Festival) accepts no responsibility for changes, errors or omissions contained in the Festival print, signage, electronic/internet or video/verbal/audio promotions.
icon tick-b2 27 Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all rules and regulations and any subsequent changes.
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